Our physical and natural world is full of fascinating subjects to represent and communicate. ILLUSTRATING SCIENCE is an online course suitable for all people looking to delve into the fascinating discipline of scientific illustration.

In this course, Illustraciencia coordinator Miquel Baidal and professional scientific illustrators Hugo Salais and María Lamprecht will share their expertise and show you the essential tools and process to communicate scientific and natural subjects through accurate and eye-catching visuals.

This course will be focused around digital media: you will learn essential and advanced techniques in 2D digital illustration and 3D modelling, rendering and animation in world-standard softwares (Photoshop and Blender).

In addition, you will gain further insight in professional scientific illustration in up to 5 masterclasses, in which professionals of the area will share their knowledge and experience.

Illustraing Science is supported by the Spanish National Museum of Natural Sciences, a world-reknown research institution devoted to multiple fields within natural sciences (from paleobiology and biodiversity to ecology,environmental biology or climate change, among others) and with an instrumental role in scientific dissmenination.

Either if you are looking to enter the discipline of scientific illustration as a serious, professional pursuit, or just looking to explore your passion in science and art, this course is meant for you.

Unit 1


Search and management of information in the scientific literature; gathering of graphical references; online resources.

Unit 2

Digital illustration process

Basic workflow and steps in digital illustration; observational sketching and drawing techniques; the study.
Project: artistic study of an animal or plant species.

Unit 3

Naturalistic illustration in digital media I – Wildlife

Basic and advanced digital painting and rendering techniques for the illustration of wildlife; Project: archetype illustration of an animal or plant species.

Unit 4

Scientific figures & diagrams in digital media

Digital tools and techniques to render scientific diagrams and figures; line drawings, stippling, vector illustration.
Project: scientific diagram illustration

Unit 5

Naturalistic illustration in digital media II – Landscapes & scenes

Advanced digital painting, rendering and post-processing techniques
Project: naturalistic illustration of a wildlife scene.

Unit 6

Molecular visualization

Introduction to molecular visualization using free softwares: Chimera, PMV, Avogadro and 3D Protein Imaging and its subsequent implementation in Blender.
Project: creation of a short molecular animation in Blender.


We help people, not numbers: places are limited to serve students in the most personalized way possible. While the course lasts, from the Virtual Campus you will be able to access all the video-classes, bibliography and exercises whenever you want, at your own pace.

Illustraciencia is a benchmark in scientific illustration: we are the promoters of the Illustraciencia International Award for Scientific and Naturalist Illustration, which has received more than 400 proposals in each edition since 2009.

Other entities from different countries offer workshops, courses, masters and postgraduate courses in scientific illustration, but at Illustraciencia we are the only ones that offer a complete introductory course to scientific illustration online of this duration (3 months).

At all times you will be sure that your work is going well: unlike other online courses, the corrections are not generic advice, but completely personalized corrections, with a weekly follow-up, on your illustrations and final project.

In addition to the technical classes, you will be able to attend weekly group tutorials to solve all your doubts together with your classmates and teachers, because although emails and forums are very good, there is nothing like talking in person.

You will meet professional scientific illustrators and how they have come to be, they will share advice with you and you will discover their working methods.


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